Featured Scientists: Nadine T. Laporte, Ph.D. Associate Scientist, and Glenn K. Bush, Ph.D. Assistant Scientist

Project: Equator Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo

While central African countries have been spared the high rates of deforestation in the last decade, the next decade is set to be different. The growing need for food security, economic growth and investment are setting the scene for a potential rapid decline in forest - similar to that of Brazil in the last 4 decades. To help avert more forest loss we organized a series of workshops in the Congo with local communities, universities, NGOs, and national government to discuss the future of the forests and investigate novel pathways to reduce poverty while minimizing forest destruction. A planned new WHRC office in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will help to bridge the gap between science and policy by setting up research projects and build the capacity to improve the management of the world’s second largest rainforest on Earth.

Video: Produced by Research Associate Kathleen Savage.

Image: DR Congo, North of Gemena, Equator Province. Photo Courtesy of Dr. Nadine Laporte. Composite design by Development Solutions of New England (DSNE).