Climate Change Primer

Much of the work of the Woods Hole Research Center studies the causes and consequences of Climate Change. This primer provides a broad overview of key issues relevant to understanding those concepts.


Real-time Ordway Campus Energy Production and Usage

The Woods Hole Research Center’s Gilman Ordway Campus maintains a portfolio of renewable and alternative energy technologies to operate without the on-site combustion of fossil fuels. These pages provide a real-time glimpse of what our solar and wind systems are producing as well as a summary of what the campus is using. This link opens in a new window.


Field Notes

These journals chronicle the experiences of Woods Hole Research Center staff on scientific expeditions. Often sent from remote locations with sporadic internet connectivity, the entries include compelling field photography and insights into conducting research in far-flung locations around the globe.


Field Guides

Field guides provide an introduction to the basic tools and techniques used by our researchers on the ground. They are written for a general audience, emphasizing fundamental skills and real-world examples.



These pages contain links to a range of multimedia products, including video, podcasts and audio slideshows. They feature presentations by Center scientists and visiting speakers, reporting on field work and science projects, special radio interviews and a collection of videos on climate change.



Projects that have datasets available through the Woods Hole Research Center website are listed here. Registration is required for access to some available data.


Staff Essays

This roster provides a listing of essays and editorials pieces written by Center staff.


Staff Publications

This index provides complete citations for all peer-reviewed publications produced by Center staff.


Diversity Initiative

The Woods Hole Research Center, along with other local educational and research institutions, have cooperatively established a Woods Hole Scientific Community Diversity Initiative.