Press Kit

Dec. 17, 2013

The Woods Hole Research Center addresses the great issues for a healthy planet through science, education, and policy. We combine satellite remote sensing with field research to study, model, map, and monitor Earth’s chemistry and ecology, and we use this knowledge to address the planet’s great issues. We work around the Earth, from local to global scales, including the Amazon and Cerrado of South America, the Congo Basin and East Africa, the high latitudes of North American and northen Eurasia, and across the United States. We are unique in the depth of our science capability in combination with our commitment to the environment.

Founded in 1985 by George Woodwell, the Center has approximately 60 staff members, consisting of scientists, international law and policy experts, researchers, and administrative staff. The Center’s second director, succeeding Dr. Woodwell, was John P. Holdren, who served from June 2005 until January 2009, when he was appointed to President Obama’s administration as director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy in the Executive Office of the President. William Y. Brown served as director from February 2010 until January 2011, and Eric A. Davidson served a two-year term ending in September of 2013. Senior Scientist Richard A. Houghton currently serves as Acting President.

The Center’s Gilman Ordway Campus, located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is a high performance facility that operates without the on-site combustion of fossil fuel, the primary contributor to global warming. Its Woodwell Building was recognized in 2004 by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as one of the nation’s ten best examples of “green design” in the AIA/COTE 2004 Top Ten Green Projects competition. In anticipation of an expansion of staff size, the Center acquired an abutting property in 2008 and has undertaken a deep energy retrofit of the structure. That project was completed in 2010.

The Center’s operating budget for 2014 is approximately $9.1 million. Funding for the Center is provided through government grants, corporate and foundation support, and individual donors.

For more information on the Woods Hole Research Center, please contact:
Eunice Youmans, Director of External Affairs 508-444-1509