Mapping & Monitoring

Protected Area Watch for the Albertine Rift (PAWAR) Data Access

As part of the Woods Hole Research Center's efforts to advance the understanding concerning the threats to the ecosystem integrity of the Albertine Rift, an interactive WebGIS tool has been developed in collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Wildlife Conservation Society. This tool assists decision makers and park managers with biodiversity conservation and promotes strategic planning for the entire region.

The map below provides links to land-cover and land use change information for several protected areas of Western Uganda. The ranger patrol data sets have been collected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority from 1997-2007, providing valuable information about sightings of wildlife and threats to the parks.

Albertine Rift Murchison Falls Budongo Bugoma Kibale Queen Elizabeth Semuliki Semuliki

To view these data:

  • Use your mouse to scroll over the protected areas
  • Double-click one of the protected areas to launch the park-specific WebGIS application

Data are currently available for:

  • Budongo and Bugoma Forest Reserves
  • Kibale National Park
  • Murchison Falls National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Semuliki National Park

One of the key features of this WebGIS is the ability to upload your own files into the application and overlay them with various remote sensing derived layers (e.g., satellite imagery, land-cover, percent tree cover). Please note that these files must be in ESRI shapefile format, geographic coordinate system, WGS84 datum.

For more details on some of the key features on how to use our WebGIS application, please click here. (This opens in a new window.) For additional information or questions about this project, please .