The Grand Challenge

The climate is changing at an unprecedented rate in human history, tropical forests are being cut, freshwater resources are at risk, and biological diversity is declining. We know how to reverse these trends, but it will be the great challenge of our generation to sustain prosperous and meaningful life experiences for 7 to 10 billion people while stewarding the climate, forests, soils, air, and water upon which life depends.

Photo credit Chris Linder.

Our Mission:

To advance scientific discovery and seek science-based solutions for the world’s environmental and economic challenges through research and education on forests, soils, air, and water.

Our Vision:

A world in which the insights of science guide management of the Earth’s natural resources, so that we and future generations may sustain prosperous and fulfilling lives without degrading the ecosystems that support humanity and a diverse abundance of life.

What We Do:

The Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) is a private, non-profit research organization focusing on environmental sciences. Our scientists combine analysis of satellite images of the Earth with field studies to measure, model, and map changes in the world’s ecosystems, from the thawing permafrost in the Arctic to the expanding agriculture regions of the tropics. We work locally and regionally, with in-depth expertise and collaborations in North and South America and Africa; and we also work globally, focusing on how humans are changing global cycles of carbon, nitrogen, and water. We merge natural science with economics to discover sustainable paths for human prosperity and stewardship of the Earth’s natural resources.

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