Research Staff

Robert Max Holmes, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist
Woods Hole Research Center
149 Woods Hole Road
Falmouth, MA 02540-1644

Max Holmes is an earth system scientist who studies large rivers and their watersheds and how climate change and other disturbances are impacting the cycles of water and chemicals in the environment. He is particularly interested in the fate of the vast quantities of ancient carbon locked in permafrost in the Arctic, which may be released as permafrost thaws, exacerbating global warming. Max has ongoing projects in the Russian, Canadian, and Alaskan Arctic, and in the tropics in the Amazon and the Congo. He is committed to engaging students in his research projects and to communicating the results and implications of his research to the public and to policy-makers.


Ph.D. - Arizona State University, 1995

M.S. - University of Michigan, 1989

B.S. - University of Texas, 1988

Professional Experience

  • 2013 – 2014: Program Director, Arctic System Science Program, National Science Foundation
  • 2009 - Present: Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center
  • 2010 - Present: Guest Investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • 2008 - 2009: Chesley Distinguished Visiting Associate Professor, Carleton College
  • 2005 - 2009: Associate Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center
  • 1998 - 2005: Staff Scientist, Ecosystems Center, Marine Biological Laboratory
  • 1995 - 1998: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Marine Biological Laboratory

Research Interests

  • Responses and feedbacks of the Arctic to global climate change
  • Global river biogeochemistry
  • Land-to-ocean carbon flux, globally
  • The arctic hydrologic cycle

Selected publications

Vonk, J. E., P. J. Mann, A. Davydova, S. Davydov, N. Zimov, R. G. M. Spencer, E. Bulygina, T. I. Eglinton, and R. M. Holmes. In press. Ancient Yedoma carbon loss amplified by ice wedge thaw. Environmental Research Letters.

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Achievements and Awards

Associate Editor, 2012-Present, Global Biogeochemical Cycles

Board of Directors, Woods Hole Research Center. 2011-present.

Lead Author, Arctic Report Card, Arctic River Biogeochemistry section. 2011.

Participant, National Academy Polar Research Board forum on U.S. Scientific Access to the Russian Arctic. Washington, DC. September 2010.

Organizing Committee, State of the Arctic Conference (Miami, FL, March 2010).

NSF SEARCH Science Steering Committee (Study of Environmental Arctic Change). 2006-present.

NSF SNACS (Study of the Northern Alaska Coastal System) Steering Committee. 2003-2007.

Science Steering Committee, NSF-RAISE (Russian-American Initiative for Shelf-Land Environments in the Arctic): 2001 – 2006.

Executive Working Group, NSF ARCSS (Arctic System Science) Land-Shelf Interactions Initiative. 2002 - 2006.